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March 8, 2007

Musicovery - Music Tailored to Your Mood

I've always wanted a music player that creates playlists based on your state of mind, but I couldn't find a good one. Musicovery is a site that lets you choose a mood (anywhere from dark to positive and from calm to energetic), a list of genres, a time period, and you get a playlist that can be listened online (in a low bitrate for free).

The songs are visually connected in a graph and when you select a song, the view centers on the current song. This reminds me of MusicPlasma, that shows music artists based on their influence and similarity.

Musicovery doesn't have a huge database, but it's a good option if you miss a dark song from the 90s or you just want to hear a relaxing song.


  1. Wow ! freaking awesome .. Mmm... on second thought, wonder whether I'll use it often. Already am hooked to Pandora. And all my music comes from itunes/limewire

  2. Looks promising. Very interesting.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention Pandora. It's a "broadcast" music site that selects music based on a variety of criteria, all of which are used to determine a song's "type". A number of individuals originally contributed to the "typing" of a song database, which is now used to find other songs for which one creates a "channel".

    Hmmm... I'm always a little too verbose. I'd check out the site to get a very quick understanding of how it works:

    It's mostly ad supported, but one can buy a yearly subscription that essentially takes away the adverts.

    I'd love to see more sites like these. All are making "music search" a very interesting technology.


  3. I love Pandora and I've mentioned it in other posts, but Pandora lets you create a personalized radio by choosing a song or an artist as a starting point and then rating songs.

    Musicovery plays songs based on their tempo (mood), genre, release date etc. So there's no personalization, just predefined classifications and relationships.

    Musicovery is nice when you're sad and want a playlist of mellow songs. In Pandora, you'd have to enter a sad song and then rate songs until the radio station only plays sad songs. In Musicovery, you just select the mood and music starts to flow.

  4. another great site is

    similar to pandora and also has plugins for winamp/wmp which tracks what you play and posts charts on the website

    Also good for getting in touch with other users with similar interests in music

    Well worth a look at.

  5. A colleague of mine at university created an MP3 player that automatically sorts your playlists according to colour (mood)

    It's interesting, have a look.

  6. Here is another experiment to discover great bands using a 'tag cloud' style of linking.
    Check it out!

  7. I thins musicovery is an amazing site. Like it more than lastfm. pandora etc becuase it's visually interactive and stimulating, and let's you chose genres/dates/hit/non hit.. love it!


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