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March 28, 2007

LG Phones to Preinstall Google Software

While the Google Phone rumor continues to persist, Google execs said they intend to focus on creating software for mobile phones and making sure the software reaches the users.

A new distribution partner is LG, the #5 mobile phone maker in the world. "LG handsets with Google products and services, such as Google Maps, Gmail and Blogger, will be shipped to North America, Europe and Asia starting in the second quarter of 2007, the companies said. LG (...) plans to release at least 10 new handset models with the Google products in 2007 and continue offering them for the next few years," according to Reuters.

Yahoo managed to pack the most popular services into Yahoo Go, a sleek application that wants to become a one-stop shop for browsing the web. It combines the new mobile search engine from Yahoo with mail, maps, news, finance, photo sharing. The software is or will be preinstalled in a lot of phones from Nokia and Samsung, but also in a small number of phones from Motorola and LG. It looks like Yahoo has a much better mobile strategy than Google.

Company Share (Q4 2005) Share (Q4 2006) Partners
Nokia 34.1 35.2 Yahoo
Motorola 18.2 21.9 Yahoo and Google
Samsung 11.1 10.7 Yahoo and Google
Sony Ericsson 6.6 8.7 Google
LG 6.6 5.7 Yahoo and Google

Here's the situation in the PC bundle world:

Company Share (Q4 2005) Share (Q4 2006) Partners
HP 15 17.4 Yahoo
Dell 16.4 14.5 Google
Lenovo 7 7.1 Microsoft
Acer 5.5 6.6
Toshiba 3.3 3.7

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