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March 14, 2007

Google Talk Gadget

Google has just launched a gadget for Google Talk. It works similarly to the version embedded into Gmail, but it's created in Flash, so it has a richer interface. Each conversation has its own tab, so the gadget doesn't occupy too much space. It's also easier to search your contacts and to invite other people.

Some extra features:

* paste a link to a video from YouTube or Google Video and you'll see the title of the video and a thumbnail. If you click on "Play" an embedded player will show up and you'll be able to see the video inside the gadget.

* paste a link to an album or photo from Picasa Web and the gadget will display a thumbnail and some details. If you click on "View", the photos will be displayed in a small slideshow.

* you can also add links to videos and albums in your status. If your contacts use the gadget, they'll be able to see the content without opening a new page.

* the gadget can be added to your web page, although it won't be very useful there.

Here's a video from Google that explains more about the gadget:

{ Thanks, Zbyszek Żółkiewski. }


  1. nice idea but a little too big and not resizable.

  2. Another gadget that doesn't work with Google Apps Start Page.

  3. pretty cool, I'd already this badge to my blog.

  4. hi, thanks for information but, * the gadget can be added to your web page, although it won't be very useful there. i don't see badge?

  5. hi i put this badge in one of my client site
    but there is some issue when any one post any comment then same post comes automatically from Admin End in Chat Box....
    How to remove it... please give me any solution in

  6. I have already added gtalk badge in my webpage, but when clients click to chat, automatic gtalk help opens..what should I do??


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