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March 14, 2007

Gmail's Updated Quotas

Gmail's quota will continue to increase in the following years. Google updated the code responsible for the storage counter from Gmail's counter and revealed what to expect in the future:

2835 MB on April 1st 2007
2980 MB on April 1st 2008
3125 MB on April 1st 2009
3270 MB on April 1st 2010
3415 MB on April 1st 2011
3560 MB on April 1st 2012

As you can see, Gmail's storage will increase with 145 MB a year (that's almost 0.4 MB a day). Of course, if Google doesn't change its mind.

On April 1st 2005, when Google announced the "Infinity+1" plan, the storage increased from 1 GB to 2 GB and, from that point, the growth rate was 3.456 MB a day. But from October 2005, the growth rate dropped to 0.33 MB a day.

{ via Niraj Sanghvi }


  1. Linear increase? That's not enough in Internet.

  2. I feel so ripped off... not even 3 gig of mail next April. (sarcasm off).
    Meanwhile, my employer gives me a measly quota of 130MB on the corporate server, and expects me store or print (or something...) the regular 5MB HR, CEO, inhouse spam, PLUS my local and international colelagues and customers.

    Anyone know of a gmail / Lotus Notes interface ?

  3. 130 megs? Lucky you. I get a warning at 40, cutoff at 50.

  4. JEEEZZ... 40 MB.. I am at ATT and we get 30MB, thats the way it has been since last 6-7 years. I don't know when they cut off since I have a immediate .pst transfer. And make sure that I carry the laptop around. Thats the only way.

  5. i don't do big file mails, but still my inbox grows faster than 145MB a year, which means i will be trouble sometime in the future.

    i guess google is using added storage space for other purposes like the upgrade of picasa web album to 1GB.

    i'm sure by 2012 gmail will a lot more then 3,5GB :D

  6. What? Megabytes? All the staff in my office get a 10cm by 2cm by 1 cm box, and the pigeons we use often get the numbers wrong!

  7. What? Pigeons? Lucky! At my office, we're lucky if the mail-delivery squirrels don't get run over running across the street in traffic going between our two buildings!

  8. They've shuffled the growth rate around; it's only piecewise linear.

  9. Google should just understand that people need alot of storage capacity now! They should give unlimited storage in the footsteps of Yahoo and move with the times! =]

  10. Lol, meanwhile Yahoo! customers are all drinking wine and sending minute-by-minute photos of their family barbeque in .gif format to several contacts.

  11. It's been several days since I've consciously checked - but as of today at least, we're at 4.3GB and counting!

  12. i am at 7.3GB what is this 2-3GB you guys are talking about


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