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March 19, 2007

YouTube Awards

Associated Press reports that YouTube will hold the first video awards from its short history this week. Users will be able to vote for the best original videos uploaded in 2006 at a special YouTube channel.

"YouTube community members can vote on their favorites beginning Monday and concluding on Friday. The winners, as chosen by the community, will be announced March 25. Each will be prominently featured on YouTube and receive a trophy, the design of which will be revealed later."

The nominees include Internet video stars Lonelygirl15 and "Ask a Ninja" and these awards are an opportunity to give them an official recognition and a big "thank you" for contributing to YouTube's success.

Here are the nominees (via NewTeeVee):

<a href="">[See the video</a>]

Update: And the winners are...


  1. lord knows my shorts wont make it there :)

  2. Please don't forget about the first video awards ceremony, the Vloggies by PodTech. It's a platform agnostic awards too, the focus is on the talent.

    Jeremiah from PodTech

  3. YouTube just continues to be a disruptive force. Imagine if these awards became really popular? It sounds more exciting than traditional award shows.

    I think YouTube has to get their copyright issues figured out, but they continue to impress. I read a post over on Media 3.0 about the new "YouTube Primetime" -- the viewing patterns are way different than traditional TV.

    They're just doing their own thing, and everyone is watching.

    - Renny

  4. Sadly, because I used Google Video, I'm not eligible.

    Ironic, isn't it?

  5. Google Video wasn't as popular as YouTube and didn't build a real community (that's why Google bought YouTube). I think Google Video's UI is much better, but YouTube gives you more exposure.

  6. "2006 was a pioneering year for online video, user-created content and the YouTube community. You let us into your bedrooms, created new forms of entertainment, and radicalized popular culture. Now it's time to reflect on what a tremendous year it was and recognize the best of the best during the first YouTube Video Awards."

    YouTube Awards 2006 homepage (March 22, 2007)


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