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March 7, 2007

Send Google Maps Addresses to Your Car

Google Maps Germany has a new feature: if you have a BMW car that includes a navigation system and you happen to live in Germany, it's easy to send the address of a local business to your car's navigation system.

The "send" link from every Google Maps page will open a dialog that lets you fill your BMW account name and send an address plus some notes to your car. This service is free and it works only for businesses in Germany.

Google explains their partnership with BMW by saying "they're a leading innovator in the automotive space, and they share our vision for a network-connected world". In the web space, BMW's German site was removed from Google last year because it used doorway pages, but it was quickly reincluded.

Here's a video that shows how the whole thing works:

{ Via Google Blog. }


  1. This is great. I wonder if other car manufacturers will jump on to the idea

  2. You would think Google would make this quite generic so that any GPS system could tie into it? Google by Gogole's theory of 'dont be evil', one would presume this would eventually happen... :)

  3. OMG!! I'm a big fan of Google so naturally I love the feature but when its FIRST on a BMW (which I love even more), I couldn't help but pick my jaw up from off the floor!!

    The car in the video was BMW's 1 Series - something that is only available in Europe right now. So that iDrive feature could only be available on that computer system... BMW has been known to do that.

    Still I'll be looking at that when I pick mine up in a few months.


  4. @sherif:

    Google launched GPS-enabled Google Maps for Helio Drift and Windows Mobile smartphones.

  5. Does that sound like pr0n music to anyone? I am dead serious, not tr0lling.

  6. No, Muneer - it sounds like the music that would be blaring from a projection screen TV at a seminar or trade show.

    Pr0n music has that "whacka cha whacka cha woinger woinger" guitar thing.


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