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March 18, 2007

Add Firefox Features to Internet Explorer 7

Here are some Internet Explorer 7 add-ons that mimic some useful features from Firefox that aren't available in Microsoft's browser (and sometimes add more features).

Inline search - search the current page as you type. It only works with Ctrl+F.

ieSpell - spell checker. Unlike the spell checker from Firefox, you need to press a button before seeing the misspellings.

IE7Pro - adds many features available in popular Firefox extensions. You get crash recovery, ads filter (with a dumb predefined list), mouse gestures, an option to change the user agent plus some tweaks like moving the menu on top and removing the search box.

Feed Folder - similar to the Live Bookmarks from Firefox.

Developer toolbar - explore the DOM of a web page, locate and outline some elements in a page.


  1. At some point, though, you have to realize "how much is it worth modifying a program that wasn't built for modifying or extensibility." What would hold you back from just switching to a superior browser, like Firefox or Opera. It'd be way easier.

  2. ...just switching to a superior browser, like Firefox or Opera. It'd be way easier.
    Maybe, but it's like cars or woman: even if they are sometimes a little bit more difficult to handle, I still prefer the sexy ones.


  3. Since when was IE sexy? (Fat, maybe!)

  4. My name is Bubba, and I like Woman with big boops. Very sexy!

    No need for a thinny skinny thingy.

  5. >>My name is Bubba, and I like Woman with big boops

    Perhaps you mean Boobs

  6. oobs, sorry :-/

    - -

  7. What about the security and stability of firefox? how do you get that?
    Oh and how do you do to not have IE attached to the system behaviour? I mean explorer.exe do everything in windows XP, if it get affected by an exploit while browsing, that means a lot of trouble.

    Please tell me how to add this firefox features to IE =)

    By the way, I like your blog ;-)

  8. Well, you can't add every feature. People from Redmond tried as much as they could to implement a lot of things from other browsers. But I really don't understand why they didn't add inline search or why everything loads so slowly. I have a "portable" copy of IE 5.5 and it's way faster than IE7.

  9. long before firefox came, I had already been using this addon for IE,
    I doubt firefox has any feature, that maxthon didn't give IE already.
    just because maxthon is not open source, and does not have all kind of wannabe geeks behind it as well as a million dollar campaign for advertising it, does not mean, its not equal to firefox.

    I say, whoever wants and loves firefox should stay. I know I wont leave maxthon, and probably neither of the 70 million other users.

    I know, I knew tabbed browsing long before firefox was a massmarket mainstream product!

  10. I tried Maxathon and it had the same problem IE had....slow as mud and just as venerable to browser bugs! I've used Opera and Firefox, exclusively with no infestation for the past three years. Half of the decent add-ons for IE you have to buy which is why Firefox and Opera are such great products. Oh and yes Ender, I'm a "wanna be geek" with a masters degree in computer technology who enjoys contributing to projects that don't pay but in the long run will enhance the future of computing for all of us. I make a great living there's not much innovation happening behind corporate doors. Its never been a more exciting time to be a geek.


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