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March 26, 2007

Resize Google Personalized Homepage's Columns

In case you want to tweak the width of IGoogle's columns, this Greasemonkey script is pretty good. It's easy to adjust the width of the columns in each tab, but the settings are only saved locally. That means you'll see the customized columns only if you use the same browser on the same computer. Maybe a column resizing gadget would be a better idea.

To install it, you need Greasemonkey for Firefox.

Note: If you use a localized version of Google, after installing the script, go to Tools/ Greasemonkey/ Manage user scripts, select "Google Homepage Resizeable Column" and click "Edit". Replace "" with "*/ig*" (remove the quotes).


  1. This works pretty good, however I was expecting to see a "resize" type mouse over when moving between the columns.

    It wasn't until I just clicked in the blank white spaces that I realized it would work.

    But, all-in-all, I could have used this type script a long time ago! Good job!

  2. What I am waiting for, if no one has thought of it yet, is horizontal line insertion. This is something I would prefer much more than the current "Tabs" capability, for organizing my gadgets.

    You could have all your gadets on the same page but still have them well organized by having one HL for each group. A plus would be for the HL's to be customized with an individual title, color, width, etc.

  3. OK, here's what I want: something that automatically moves the gadgets around, so as to make each column roughly as full as each other. I have this compulsion to adjust the things myself, so that the bottom edge is even ... and it'd be easy to automate :-)

  4. That's a very cool idea, offby1. Each new gadget should be added to the smallest column. And if you add more than one gadget at a time, position them cleverly.

    I don't think it's a good idea to mess with the order of the gadgets because people might want a specific order.


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