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March 27, 2006

Check Multiple GMail Accounts

If you have more than one Gmail account and want to check them simultaneously, install Gmail Manager, a Firefox extension that allows you to manage multiple Gmail accounts.

Gmail Manager displays account details including unread messages, saved drafts, spam messages, labels with new mail, space used, and new mail snippets. You'll also get a compose menu for your Gmail accounts.

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  1. How does this work with things like reader, calendar, adwords, etc? I've got work stuff plus my own personal gmail account and if I'm in adwords and then try to use reader it assumes I'm the adwords account. Any remedies for that?

  2. Thanks. This was what I just needed

  3. You can also use cookie swapper addon in firefox which enables you to change your cookie so that you will be able to login to different gmail accounts at the same time.

  4. If you only have TWO different google accounts with gmal, analytics, reader, docs... one of the simplest method of using then simultaneously is to use two different browsers (firefox and safari, opera and exlorer...), one for each account.

  5. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s all I can say for now…..I am more than impressed and inpired.

  6. I don't have firefox, and don't want it either. What to you do if you have a regular Gmail account and one at school that needs to be checked? Looking for a mail checker that will check multiple accounts, has a small memory footprint (unlike a browser) and will work from a windows system tray. If anyone hears of such a beast - particularly if it is free - let me know

  7. You can auto-forward all the messages from the school account to your personal account and use Gmail notifier to get notifications for the personal account.

  8. I can recommend UpdateWatcher! The new version supports easy checking of multiple gmail accounts. It resides in the system tray and notifies of new mails in any of your Gmail or Yahoo mail accounts with balloon tips.

  9. Wonderful for Firefox users. But what about other browser users? Here is a tip on checking multiple gmail accounts at once, provided by gmail itself.Please visit this article.


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