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March 31, 2006

New Google Talk with Funny Avatars

A new build of Google Talk ( includes the option to create a simple avatar from an image. The pre-installed pictures are really funny: aliens, Da Vinci, Hitchcock, penguins and rabbits.

You can also change your chat theme, to include contact's avatar.

Another new feature in this build is Gmail counter that tells how many new mails you have, so you don't have to right-click the tray icon.

You can download Google Talk from here (this download is not linked at Google Talk's website).

[Via Google Blogoscoped].

Google Talk with Video


  1. I'm glad they are adding more features to google talk, I just hope the next public release has something like Skype-Out or some Video Chat stuff.
    Great coverage BTW.

  2. If you care, there is a complete review of the changes of on


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