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March 13, 2006

Inside Google Campus

Bob Woodruff from ABC News visits Googleplex, speaks with some employees, and tries to explain why Google is a different kind of company: people can have toys in their offices, food is free, and everythings looks like a campus. Watch the video (7 minutes).

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  1. Google has dozens of synonyms that come up on different pages.

    Google saves years-old obsolete information and regards updating its pages as an inconvenience.

    Google has no sense of and no value or preference for, what is true rather than what is unverifiable or what is false.

    Google will strain at gnats to cancel or delete a true file, but it will permit the most egregious trash to persist.

    I think Google is run by twelve-year olds who are obsessed with mere technology.

    Emily Cragg, webmaster

  2. What do you have against twelve year olds Emily?

  3. The goodies in Google are so cool. WE have a toilet and all we do is to sit on it... and it wil do the rest. Its programmed to satisfy even a lady. Heights of Laziness? Well.. I can say so. The Food court is so enormous and we get all sorts of food stuff. I wouldn mind living in the campus. I even have a store where i can buy 35 different brands of condoms. I hate people who say they hate Google's Ideas. Google has made all these developments just to increase their productivity. And it has worked. Trust me.. I work for Google.


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