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March 12, 2006

Minti - Parents Play With Ajax

Minti is a recently launched collaborative advice site for parenting with user contributed articles, rating, tagging. It doesn't have RSS feeds, instead Minti has quality tips and a childish design (in a good way), with many colours spreaded all around the page.

"We started with the goal of supporting parents worldwide to become better at caring for their children."

Here are some tips for encouraging kids to enjoy books and reading from a parent who really thinks books are important.

1. Read aloud to your child every day.

2. Discuss the books with your child.

3. Buy books that you know will interest your child.

4. Create a comfortable reading space for your child.

5. Buy good dictionary for your child and use it regularly together.

6. Introduce books on other topics

7. Get down to the local library.

8. Visit the Web sites of favourite authors and illustrators.

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