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March 31, 2006

What Happens When You Google Google?

If you go to Google, enter [Google] and press "I'm Feeling Lucky" nothing happens. In fact, Google sends you to the first result for [Google], which is, of course, Conan O'Brien has a different opinion.


  1. yesterday i googled google google and went 4 a piss. when i came back my computer said that i had 2 minutes till my computer breakes down. then i pressed 'a' and that time went down 2 40 seconds.

  2. I googled google and I blinked and my mum turned fat, the power of the internet, eh?

  3. when u type "google" in google it will break the internet.

  4. how do we know it would break the internet? After all if someone googled Google and it broke the internet there would be no internet by now.

  5. Pop bands take over the world. WE ARE ALL DOOMED


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