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March 25, 2006

Check The New Google Design

If you want to see the new look of Google SERPs, go to and paste this JavaScript code in your browser's address bar:

javascript:document.cookie= "PREF=ID=fb7740f107311e46:TM=1142683332:LM=1142683332:S=fNSw6ljXTzvL3dWu; path=/;";top.location=""

Then click "Save Preferences" to make the new design permanent.

To revert to the old design, just delete the cookies for

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  1. I wonder what's the meaning of the green bars from this new Google design. Definitely not the number of results.

  2. Its not working 4 me either. all it shows is the new value of the cookie

    PREF=ID=fb7740f107311e46:TM=1142683332:LM=1142683332:S=fNSw6ljXTzvL3dWu; path=/;


  3. It works. Try it with Internet Explorer.

    The cookie is set for If your Google page redirects to a local Google site, change the domain value in the Javascript code.

    It's normal that the browser displays that code.

    Remember, you have to be on the Google site when you paste the code in the address bar (it's called Javascript injection).


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