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March 13, 2006

Isolatr - Say No To Social Networks

Isolatr is an anti-social network that promises to deliver the best technology for staying away from the crowd. Who needs MySpace or Yahoo! 360?

Sean Bonner, the creator of isolatr, explains: "Since the internets were invented we've all been trying to figure out what they can be best used for, how that can improved our lives, and how we can monetize the fuck out of that. Who ever could have guessed that I'd be the one to figure it out? Well, it's been a long three days since this was conceived in the back channel at etech, but the minutes of hard work, semi-dedication and near sacrifices have finally paid off. I'm proud to introduce the world to isolatr. "

By the way, the link for isolatr is, but you should have already guessed.

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