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March 29, 2006

BitTorrent Search Engine Defends Itself Against MPAA

Torrentspy, a BitTorrent search engine which was sued by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), said that the music business might just as well have dragged Google into court. They say Google does the same thing as Torrentspy, sometimes much better, that is search for torrents and not host them.

The judges won't probably too impressed to hear that searching for [photoshop bittorrent] on Google yealds as a top result a site that links to Adobe Photoshop torrent links. If you search for something unlawful, Google is not responsible for the sites you find.

The MPAA filed seven lawsuits against Torrentspy and other search companies that help visitors find torrents or instruct them how to download it.

"The MPAA is in essence trying to outlaw the .torrent file format." says Ira Rothken, Torrentspy lawyer.

BitTorrent has become a widely used online system to download very large files as the technology is very efficient at splitting up and sharing data.

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