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March 29, 2006

Google Page Creator Review

Google Page is a service from Google that allows you to create simple static pages with a WYSIWYG online editor. There is a page on that reviewed the product.
"You can easily add for example many HTML, CSS, Java, and JavaScript features by simply creating your web page for example with an HTML editor (e.g. Mozilla Composer), a WYSIWYG editor (e.g. or with a text editor (e.g. SuperEdi, Notepad, or emacs) and then you just upload the file to GPC. You can also use Google videos, Google maps and stat counters by uploading your pages, which isn't possible with the Google Page Creator's Page/HTML editor, because it removes objects that use features such as JavaScript, which usually are in elements like script or embed in the HTML source."
So if you want Flash, Google AdSense, Google Maps, Google Video, Java, JavaScript, music, stat counters, or videos, create your pages offline and upload them to Google servers. And if you think the whole point of Google Page Creator was to create pages online, you're wrong. What webhosting provides you with 100 MB quote, 10 MB maximum size for files, unlimited bandwidth (well, almost) and no restriction for file types (mp3, avi, exe, zip) - all for free, and without including their ads in your pages?

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  1. Here's a preview of GooglePages Templates, which I put together after I couldn't find much information about templates in other reviews.


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