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March 29, 2006

Google April Fool's Day 2006 - Take A Guess

What hoax will get out of the Googleplex this year for April Fool's Day? They made a tradition from making fun of their products, their corporate culture and their geekiness.

Let's take a guess:

1) Google will take over the world. Google will produce a device that will scan your important information (documents, bills, pictures, favorite colors, what you say, SIM content, hard-drive content), organize it, upload it to your Google account and make it searchable. EGoogle device.

2) Google will drop its simple and clean homepage in favour of the Personalized Home, that will also contain ads. Furthermore, you won't be able to search Google unless you have a Google account and you are logged in.

3) All mails from Gmail will be deleted. The Gmail team released it's so inefficient to type so many emails every day, so they will introduce AudioGmail, where you can record, search and organize voicemails. The new AudioGmail has another advantage: spam will be easier to recognize.

On a more serious note, everybody waits for the Google Calendar and there are some people out there that still hope that Gmail will go public.

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