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March 10, 2006

Gmail Horror Story: Gmail Account Deleted

Bang Bang! by  noqontrol, featured on Flickr Bob, a reader of Google Blogoscoped, announced yesterday that his Gmail account was deleted.

"The account you attempted to access has been deleted. You may click here to sign up for a new account." was the text of the error page.

The Gmail team investigated the issue, but couldn't find a solution.

Unfortunately, Bob used Gmail as his primary account and he didn't backup his mail.

So can you do to feel safe? Use a POP3 client, like Mozilla Thunderbird. You can even put Thunderbird on a USB drive to have your emails with you everywhere you go. Another idea is not to use Gmail as a primary mail account, but just as a way to collect emails forwarded from other accounts. Other alternatives: forward your mail from Gmail to other (Gmail) account or use Google Desktop to store and search your mail offline.

Read more: The mail Bob got from Gmail Support


  1. My password did not work when I tried to log in two days ago. I reset the password and was able to log in again but everything in my account was deleted. A few hours later, my new password would not work and when I tried to reset the password yet again, the site said that no account under my username existed. The help site is terrible and I can't contact anyone.

  2. i have faced this issue last week (my account is deleted without any intimation to me as such, not sure what the support guys are doing right now perhaps enjoying their weekend) and am awaiting a response from gmail guys. I cannot believe that a company which prides itself on it geek culture can do this to me.

  3. I've never had to deal with any problem like this. GMAIL has consistently been the best email client I have ever used, ever since the BETA days way back when you could only get in with an invite.

    Sucks for them. Laws of nature apply as always. Everything that can go wrong, WILL. Thats why you backup. Why would you trust all your "important" data to some source on the internet when some kind of natural disaster could wipe out the entire company? Regardless, of all 3 of my gmail accounts were deleted at this point, yes, it would suck, and be a pain, but nothing would be "Lost". I dont keep anything that important on them, only links/files to make my life a little easier.

  4. i think this is scripted and pure advertising for pop3 clients!!!

  5. Reading this thread, i am horrified, if some thing happens to my gmail account, i will have to jump from my office building :)
    I will install email client today itself and will download all the emails ( more that 20000).
    From today morning my gmail account is inaccessible and dont know where to ask for help!!!
    Do gmail have any backup facility, do they take backups??
    I know this is free service but its important for any email service provider to provide backup facility.

    Gmail is cool and reliable, but its still in beta version :)
    Web World Guru

  6. well not sure...if my answer is right..
    but gmail provides business accounts for a fee i guess...and if someone's personnel gmail deleted they can always ask gmail about how to go with upgarding the account to a business account..this way you should be able to reactivate your gmail account (frankly speaking..i am only guessing..not sure if this is possible..but worth a try..)

  7. my account has just been deleted. :(

    talk about quitting job and getting a new life...


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