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March 24, 2006

Patent For Advertising On Google WiFi

"The field of invention relates generally to wireless data communication, and more particularly, to provide advertisements based on wireless access points."
Google’s patent filing on advertising funded WiFi is available.

"[0046] In stage 610, the first entity, in turn, credits the WAP provider with a portion of the advertisement revenue. The portion of the revenue may include a flat rate, a percentage of the advertisement revenue, or a combination thereof. In one embodiment, the first entity identifies the WAP to be credited via the IP address.

[0047] As a result of receiving a portion of the advertisement revenue, the WAP provider is may cover the expenses of providing the WAP and may recoup a profit, while providing end-users with access to the WAP at a reduced rate.

[0048] In alternative embodiments, data other than advertisements could be inserted by the first entity into the view presented to the end-user accessing a WAP. For example, the data could in the form of a message, or a static advertisement that does not include a hyperlink.

[0049] Furthermore, the processes and architecture described above may be used to provide wireless access at a reduced rate for multiple WAPs, including multiple disparate WAPs."

It will be interesting to see if the advertising-based WiFi will be a viable solution. Google might combine this with Web Accelerator and distribute the content via a proxy.

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