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March 19, 2006

Google Desktop Should Reinvent Itself For Vista

Google Desktop is a nice piece of software that combines a good local search engine, with web search and some useful sidebar gadgets (or panels, like Google likes to call them).

Unfortunately for Google, the new Windows Vista will include most of these features:

* Windows Search. As you edit and create files in your filesystem, based on settings, it will index your files automatically in the background, making search easier and faster.
* Windows Sidebar. It includes support for Desktop Gadgets, you can download from the Microsoft Gadgets homepage.
* Windows Live Toolbar. Although Internet Explorer 7 will include a search box, Windows might push the Live Toolbar as a nice addition for the browser to boost MSN Search (rebranded as Live Search) share. The toolbar will integrate with the desktop search and the Live products.

So unless Google Desktop reinvents itself, it will be completely useless in Windows Vista which will become the default operating system in the next couple of years.

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  1. Yeah, but the nice thing about google desktop is that it indexes your gmail too.

    I just upgraded to vista, w/ a clean install, and I haven't reloaded all my files back onto the system yet. So I'll have to see how the windows search works..

  2. Vista search does not work *at all*, is broken and I wish the XP search was back.

    You are required to put Google Desktop on to get any search capability at all.

  3. Not only does vista search work great but you can also search your gmail with it.

    All you need to do is add your gmail account to outlook express. since it's IMAP, it will show all your folders and emails in outlook the way it does at the gmail website. and windows search searches for emails in outlook therefore, gmail. google desktop is not necesary in vista.

  4. Im sure that Windows Vista will NOT become the default operating system :)

  5. it's now 3 years after the original post, and the good news is that vista did try to put a really good desktop search tool in there. the bad news? IT DOESN'T WORK! it basically ignores your search settings and returns all kinds of crap - i.e. if you have it on search file names only, and type in "smart" - it returns a whole slew of "matches" that have nothing remotely like the word in it. oh yeah - before someone asks - the "show partial matches" was turned off, too ; )


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