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March 21, 2006

Google Health Database?

Who is Adam Bosworth? Wikipedia says:

"Adam Bosworth is a Vice President of Engineering at Google Inc. He was previously VP Engineering at BEA Systems and was responsible for the engineering efforts for BEA's Framework Division. Prior to joining BEA, Bosworth co-founded Crossgain, a software development firm acquired by BEA in 2001. Crossgain's "Cajun" project developed into BEA's WebLogic Workshop product. At BEA, Bosworth also developed the Alchemy intelligent caching framework in a team consisting of Bosworth and his son, Alex.

Known as one of the pioneers of XML, Bosworth previously held various senior management positions at Microsoft, including General Manager of the WebData group, a team focused on defining and driving XML strategy. While at Microsoft, he was responsible for designing and delivering the Microsoft Access PC database product (codenamed 'Cirrus') and assembling and driving the team that developed Internet Explorer 4.0's HTML engine (codenamed 'Trident')."

According to Garett Rogers, it seems that Adam Bosworth is working on a new Google project, known as Google Health. His title is "Architect, Google Health". Maybe Google Health is the same thing as Google MDB (Google Medical and Biological Database).

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  1. See section 2.1. Maybe this is Google Health Database?


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