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March 15, 2006

Google Desktop Isn't For Corporate Use

Acording to ZDNet, UK IT bosses are already taking measures to ban employees from downloading Google's Desktop search software on PCs and laptops because of the security risk to corporate data.

Phil Young, head of IT at Amtrak Express Parcels, said his organization's policy is to ban any third-party software that presents a security risk: "I think Google is playing with fire in the corporate arena with this latest software."

Nicholas Evans, European IT director at Key Equipment Finance, agrees: "Google has crossed the line from Desktop as a personal search engine to being a tool that can be used to exploit security weaknesses. The sending of data back to the servers only confirms the security risk."

Basicaly, Google Desktop allows you to search all your computers by sending data to Google servers and linking it to a Google account. Google Desktop indexes data without encryption by default.

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