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March 4, 2006

Google Focuses on Search

As Google launches many new products every month, people might ask if they still focus on search. What we may not know is that Google test many products to see if they have the potential to become real applications. Here's what Google had to say about search and their goals in the near future.

As the market leader, we need to ensure search doesn't become a commodity. Our focus on search is nothing new. We built our brand on being the best search engine, with the best results, and as our competitors have caught up to us, it's become even more important for us to focus on:

1) Speed
Solve international speed issues and bring international users to US performance

2) Comprehensiveness and freshness
"All webpages included in the Google index and searched all the time" -- Teragoogle makes this possible
Expand to other sources of data
Become the leader in geo search (any search with a geographic component).
New forms of content -- video, audio, offline printed materials

3) Relevance
Leverage implicit and explicit user feedback to improve popular and nav queries
Introduce new personalization elements

4) User Interface
Experiment with several new UI features to make the user experience better

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