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March 4, 2006

Google wants to become a $100 billion company

Google aims to become a $100 billion company and said on Thursday that it plans to put systems in place to help reach that scale during 2006. "I'll leave it to you to judge whether that is $100 billion in market capitalization or revenue," Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said when discussing priorities for 2006.

As of Wednesday, Google's market capitalization was already more than $100 billion, at $111.5 billion. For all of 2005, Google had revenue of $6.14 billion, up 92.5 percent from 2004's $3.19 billion.

Goals for 2006 also include improving the quality of Google's core Web search and advertising businesses, boosting the size of its Internet audience and expanding the number of products, services and business partnerships, the executive said.

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