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May 19, 2006

New Yahoo Homepage In Opera And Safari

The new Yahoo homepage, available at supports only Internet Explorer and Firefox. Opera and Safari's users can try the new homepage at

There are small rendering issues in Opera 8.5, but Opera 9 fully supports the page.

I think webmasters (and especially big companies' webmasters) shouldn't launch a page or a site until every browser can render it. If a browser doesn't support all the Ajax features or CSS 2.0 or other standards, that elements of the web page should degrade gracefully.


  1. Yea I agree with the last paraghraph.

    However, The new theme maybe a little more eye caching or easier to surf but it is not like the home page of a search engine. (which should be as clean and simple as possible)

    I have no idea why yahoo presists on making its hompage that messy way.... just like MSN.

  2. Yahoo calls the new homepage "the most significant redesign of the home page ever".

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