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May 21, 2006

Play And Convert Any Multimedia File

In this post I will list some problems many people have with multimedia formats and one solution. But let's start with the problems:

* I have a video file and I want to extract the audio part.
* I have an AVI video and I want to put it on my web page in a format optimized for the web.
* How can I transfer videos from my PC to my mobile phone that supports only 3gp format?
* I have an AVI/MOV/ MP4/WMV file and I want to convert it to AVI/MOV/ MP4/WMV.
* How can I save on my disk MMS and RTSP streams?
* Ok, I downloaded a file from YouTube as a flv file, but how can I encode it in a format that can be viewed in any player?
* I got a file in a strange format: 3gp/amr/mp4/ogg/mpc. Does anyone know how can I view it?

There's only one answer to these frustrations and many others: SUPER.

SUPER is a free program that lets you view and convert almost any multimedia format you've ever heard. And you don't have to have any fancy codecs or player, because SUPER includes MPlayer, the best Unix media player, and a lot of codecs, including FFDShow.

Let's see how easy is to save a YouTube video as an AVI file.

Step 1. Go to a video.
Step 2. Select the URL value from the "About this video" box in the right.
Step 3. Paste the value at and save the file as a flv video.
Step 4. Drag and drop the file to SUPER and select the AVI container. Press Encode button.

Although SUPER has a very basic interface, it's very powerful. You just select the format of the output file, drag-and-drop the input file and click Encode. Using the same simple steps, you can convert a MOV file to MP3, an AVI to a 3gp file, an MP3 to a Flash file or any video to a format supported by iPod, PSP or PocketPC. Or you can just play a file in one of these formats.

The package at a glance:
* contains ffmpeg, mencoder, mplayer, ffmpeg2theora
* supported formats: 3gp (Nokia, Siemens, Sony, Ericson) asf, avi (DivX, Xvid, MPEG4, MSmpeg4), fli, flc, flv (used in Flash), mpg (Mpeg I or Mpeg II), mov, mp4, ogg, qt, rm, str (Play Station), swf (Flash), viv, vob, wmv, ac3, amr, mp2, mp3, mp4, ogg, ra, wma
* download size: 25 MB
* freeware

Update. It's pretty hard to find the download links on SUPER's site, so here's a tip: download the software from third-party sites like AfterDawn or Softpedia.


  1. been looking everywhere for something like this...thanks

  2. How fast is it?

  3. Being a one month old user of this soft, converting hundreds of FLVs to my iPod, I would like to thank the authors of this terrific software to their great work. It is very simple yet with uncomparable power. I hope they'll keep it for free.

  4. Really nice, good tip! I've been looking for a tool like this.

  5. Maybe I'm being really dense - but I can't see the download link on that page? Can anyone help please?

  6. wow, looks like a windows port+frontend for mencoder which i use in linux for some time. really nice but despite the gui not really new ;)

  7. Does not read .aa (Audible) files.

  8. very useful
    a must have

    its FREE!

  9. If you want to convert a .flv to .mpeg (MPEG 4 I think?) you may not need to do any conversion, just download it using Google's RSS feed URL for Google Video:

  10. Thank you very much. This was a very big help to me. I am so amazed and really grateful..

  11. What an amazing software we've got here, the best FREE all in one convertor/encoder. Everything I try to encode goes perfect and plays great on my standalone DVD or on my PSP. I love it.
    This software SUPER must win a prize or something like the best soft of the year.

  12. I hope someone could help me I already use the SUPER converter and it´s great but when I convert my you tube videos and play them in the windows player the sound is not in sync with the video, am I doing something wrong? because when I played it on you tube it is fine

  13. Grateul to all of youJanuary 6, 2007 at 10:18 PM


    You guys sound like rocket scientists compared to what little I know about software, etc.

    Can someone tell me what I need to do IN PLAIN ENGLISH like you're talking to a 2nd grader cuz this is ALL new to me.

    I need to get files files from Goole Video and use them on my Windows Movie Maker but it doesn't accept them.


    What the HECK should I do???!!!

    I read the info you guys shared but only dust and confusion were left behind since you guys are light years ahead of my understanding. I gotta start somewhere and you guys seem real nice and real understanding.

    I need them both mixed with your knowledge.

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEZE make it simple for a retardo like me.

    Bless all of you and God keep you all safe, healthy and creative!!!!

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

  14. Download the videos either normally (using Google Video Player) or using this bookmarklet. Then use this program to remove a header from the files so that can be played in Windows Media Player.

  15. Hey people goto
    to download Super, but could not use Firefox 2.01 or IE to download Super, Instead try the (Opera Browser) it worked using opera to download it. I used the Opera portable download because I did not want to install opera because I had the opera portable already downloaded & you can get that at----> & after you download opera usb or opera portable(same thing) just unzip & open opera & then paste in the opera address bar & then scroll all the way to the bottom then you will see the real download link, GoodLuck Cybernauts. See you in cyberspace!

  16. hey how to save the converted file?.. is there any easy way?

  17. Hey guys. I downloaded this software to convert some .viv files I have. I got these from and so far no luck. It just can not convert them, it just says error. I've tried everything. Could it be the files are just corrupt or could it be that this software just will not convert these types (.viv) files?


  18. Looks like an excellent front end, but as the guy says on his own page, the credit really should go to the guys that developed ffmpeg, mplayer/mencoder, x264, libavcodec, etc which actually do the video conversions. It's one thing to make a gui, another altogether to write a codec (or in some cases reverse engineer a format then write the codec!).

  19. I keep trying to install it. vista keep say it wont install it may be being use shut down all programs I did that still wont download , May be its just Vista.

  20. Simple...

    1. Go to
    2. Look under the header "Download and try SUPER © for FREE" and click on "Start Downloading SUPER © "
    3. Right under the table saying "Do NOT purchase a copy of SUPER ©...", at the end of the line, there is a link that says "download and use". Click the link.
    4. Scroll to bottom of page, and there are a bunch of GREY links at the bottom. (They look like Google Ads) It's right under the green text that says "SUPER©,2007) ".


  21. i think that if the output file is larger than 1 gb the file wont play................................

  22. wow wow i mean dis software iz amazing ,ive tried all sort but dis is totally serious ,alexooo thanks a lot
    the trick is massive ,keep me update of any new stuff.....i m njoying it huuraaayyyyyyy.....

  23. I need to convert my mp3s to html for the web, Please Advise

  24. Media Coder is also good.

  25. michael berkshireJuly 20, 2008 at 2:22 PM

    i have converted an avi to mp4, but dont where it has saved so i can put it on a memory stick to transfer to a friends comp, can u help please

  26. @Michael:
    It could be C:\Program Files\eRightSoft\SUPER\OutPut. To find the folder or change it, right-click in the application and select "Output File Saving Management" (Ctrl-T).

  27. Does SUPER play all .his files?

  28. OK well i am trying to convert a video into dpg to put on my ds problem being, i am unable to use SUPER to convert files.. it starts working then gets to "parsing file" then immediately stops leaving me with usually around a 40kb file that is useless. I have tried different videos, different formats, different output containers even just to try to get it to work and no luck.. hopefully someone here would be kind enough to point me in the right direction this is very frustrating.

  29. I Have a camera JVC and the output files are .TOD
    Does any one knows haow to convert them to play them in ADOBE.

  30. how do i covert a .mov file to an .avi file?

  31. Brilliant, magnificent freeware. A must have..
    The rocks with the new implementation of WMV9 and WVC1


    Paste this address in your browser:

    When done, go to the buttom of the page and download with the link: (Download SUPER © setup file)

    Hope this helped, it wasn't the most easy to find I must admit

  33. After a re install of Apple I-Tunes all my CD's ripped over the past 3 years were in AAC format. My Car CD plaey only supports MP3! If this works it will be Brilliant ;)

  34. i want to put a videofrom my sony ericson phone to windows movie maker but it comes up saying i need to instal the codc for this video..i dont know what that meens :S could anybody help?

  35. I prefer Format Factory (is is the only one that produces CBR as well e.g.) and it's free as well

  36. Hey , I am having so much trouble . I have just got a new mp3 and am downloading think and grow rich and sucj from BUT it has synced to my device but says the format is unknown so i cant listen to it...? I am very new to all of this.. will this software help
    ? i tried another but it would not work ... so i giess im working to convert audio files?
    Could someone please help

  37. SUPER provides a variety of audio codec selection with every file format conversion (encoding).

  38. i installed and used super. i changed the directory to which the file should be saved, but when i go back to whereit should be, it isnt there.....why?

  39. I am looking for a way to STOP those random video thumbnails from appearing after my YouTube video plays. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  40. tips pls. have some viv files and want to convert them to avi or mp4.
    haelp pls?

  41. I prefer Format Factory (is is the only one that produces CBR as well e.g.) and it's free as well


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