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May 25, 2006

Hi-Q Videos

Welcome to our great high-quality video site. Here you'll find high-quality music videos, trailers and viral videos.

You're currently using Firefox. Our site supports only Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP SP2.

[Linux, Mac audiences leave. A part of the Windows XP SP2 audience opens Internet Explorer 6...]

Welcome to our great high-quality video site. Here you'll find high-quality music videos, trailers and viral videos.

You can select a video from our huge collection of videos.

[Selecting a Shakira video from their 20 hi-q videos.]

To download this video, you need an ActiveX. Would you like to install it?

[Clicking OK three times on different warnings and strange dialogs. The ActiveX installs, along with a desktop icon, a Start Menu icon, a system tray icon and probably many other shortcuts.]

The video is now downloading. Please wait until our software downloads 100 MB of high-quality video.

[Waiting to download the video. Fortunately, I have a broadband connection, so I have to wait only 7-8 minutes. The player opens.]

Upgrading Windows Media... You need a new component for Windows Media Player. Please upgrade...

[I click on upgrade.]

The component could not be upgraded.

[A brief ad begins.]

Any connection with AOL Hi-Q Video is coincidental.


  1. Thats why exists. Screw HD, screw all the dependencies/requirements/compatabilities. When HD vids comes in one accepted format , and Internet is fast enough to stream it (that is something like 24Mbit minimum) and then ill think about it.

  2. This is exactly the kind of thing that causes domestic violence and collateral mutilations among friends. When my friend B___ invited me over to see a movie yesterday, it turns out he wanted to view the DVD on a projector that didn't have all the parts, using my laptop which didn't yet have a DVD codec, which in turn led to several attempts at installing DirectX 9, which led to a marathon struggle to download and install XP SP2, which led.... scrambling for notes) Let's just say, I fell asleep, this morning rushed in late to work without my laptop, and when I dropped by after work I found it layed out on his kitchen floor in approximately 37 pieces, each marked with a color-coded piece of duct tape and strange heiroglyphics that somehow related to a diagram drawn on the front of his refrigerator using glitter-gloss lip liner. I just stood there for a moment and then left. And this! THIS is what started it!


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