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May 8, 2006

Google Images The Way It Should Be

If you do a search on Google Images, you'll get a list of thumbnails that point to a frame page: you'll see another small version of the image and the webpage that included the image. But you wanted to see the full-sized image, so you click again. Two clicks instead of one.

If you use Firefox, you can install Customize Google extension that, among other feaures, rewrites links to point straight to the images. Or if you have GreaseMonkey installed, you can add the script from here.

For Opera, save the script from to a folder on your computer and make sure you set the option from [Tools/Preferences/ Advanced/Content/ JavaScript options/My JavaScript files] to that folder.

Internet Explorer has a GreaseMonkey clone, called Trixie, that supports most GreaseMonkey scripts, so you can use the script for Firefox.


  1. Yes, but then Google would be accused of leeching content from other websites. It could be said that people might think Google owns all of the images and whatnot. Plus, I might not find the image useful that I found, but I might find one on the page the other one was on..

  2. which is why it has the option to view the origin page, stephen.

    i want a script that removes the clicks all together.
    i'd like to have the google images index show up and all i have to do is hover over a thumbnail with my mouse and see a (as large as possible) preview of it.


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