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May 18, 2006

Marissa Mayer Profile On Orkut

Marissa Mayer is Google's Vice President for Search Products & User Experience. She has a very nice profile on Orkut, Google's social network. To see it, you need to have an Orkut account and since Orkut is mostly popular in Brazil, here it is:

birthday: May 30
here for: friends, activity partners, business networking, dating (men)
children: no
ethnicity: caucasian (white)
languages i speak: English (US)
religion: Christian/Protestant
humor: dry/sarcastic, clever/quick witted
fashion: designer, smart
smoking: no
drinking: socially
pets: i like them at the zoos
living: alone
hometown: Wausau, Wisconsin

passions: Travelling, design, science, math, puzzles, hacking
sports: Volleyball, swimming, softball
activities: Skiing, golfing, running, waterskiing, flying kites,dance (ballet & ballroom)
books: Great Expectations, Atlas Shrugged
music: Madonna, U2
tv shows: Picket Fences, Life Goes On, Friends, West Wing, Nip/Tuck, Project Greenlight, Alias
movies: It's a Wonderful Life, Say Anything, Minority Report, Moulin Rouge
cuisines: French, Italian, Californian, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, pretty much anything other than Indian (curry gives me headaches :( )

education: Master's Degree
high school: Wausau West High School, Wisconsin
college/university: Stanford University
major: Symbolic Systems
degree: BS
college/university: Stanford University
major: Computer Science
degree: MS
occupation: Software Engineer/Product Manager
industry: High Tech, Internet
title: Director, Consumer Web Products
job description: Lead product manager for -- overseeing the user experience on the main search engine and the other consumer-facing properties (Images, News, Groups, Froogle, etc.). I manage a small team of associates who do much of the heavy lifting on the day-to-day PM work for the site.
career skills: Product strategy, management/recruiting, UI design, fostering innovation and ideas, coding
career interests: Innovation, design, user interface development, systems engineering

deal match: Intelligent, funny/sarcastic, kind, flexible - willing to try anything once, passionate and excited about the world
height: 173 centimeters
eye color: blue
hair color: blonde
build: athletic
looks: average
best feature: eyes
turn ons: assertiveness, candlelight, dancing, flirting, intelligence, sarcasm, thrills, thunderstorms
turn offs: Smoking, apathy, insensitivity toward others
my idea of a perfect first date: Dinner, a movie, and talking until dawn
from my past relationships i learned: The best relationships grow out of friendship
five things i can't live without: Travel, my family, cashmere, Stuart Weitzman shoes
in my bedroom you will find: Silk pajamas, a down comforter (from La Crosse, WI :) ), high thread count sheets

Marissa prefers Pine to Gmail
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  1. Look the page of her friends. There is many famous (or not) Googlers ;-)

  2. Post Larry Page's profile, will you? And Eric Case's.

  3. I was looking at Marissa's profile and
    there is one interesting fact in her scraps: there a lot of people (mostly brazilian children talking in portuguese :) commenting that she is the orkut woman (I was wondering why and discovered that the reason is that her picture appears in the first page of

    now I am curious, who are the other people in the first page?

  4. Here's her Profile

  5. hi dear,............

    well tnx for THIS ORKUT THT U OWN,

    m very thankfull............u helped me make lots of frends, and meet the lost ones..

    well just a small prob- the registartion form should be somewhat more strict for the users!
    many below 18's are usin it which isnt good for them.

    do give it a thought

  6. most stylish man in orkut.

  7. hi...thnx for orkut tat u own...m thankful to u tat u helped us to make lot many frnds but..mee too hv a which people didn't opened from yrs should be automatically deleted..tat all are lik garbage...many people hv forgeten their id or password..

  8. so plz do something for that...


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