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May 24, 2006

Start Menu Replacement

Forget about Start Menu. If you like how Google Desktop lets you open programs from Start Menu, but you don't like its high memory usage, you can try Launchy, a skinnable tool that appears only when you enter a keyboard shortcut (by default, Alt+Space).

You can use it too open all kinds of files from your computer. You can select what kind of files you want to index and their location. Although it won't index the text of the files or their metadata, Launchy is very fast and sexy.

Where to use Launchy?
* launch applications
* start different tools from Control Panel
* open music files
* view pictures


  1. Best and fastest in its kind. Just does what it is supposed to.

    Thank you, Ionut.

    P.S. Just like you know;
    Since the time i met this place, My day doesn't fullfill without visiting it at least once a day. I like it more when it comes to software introdution. It's the first weblog im seeing that keeps introducing, also supporting awesome software which no one knows about them. Brilliant software that are just free and of course unique in their kind!

    Keep up the great work.

  2. how can i replace my start menu from google desktop???

  3. << how can i replace my start menu from google desktop???

    Google Desktop indexes the shortcuts from Start Menu, so you can type the first letters from the name of the program and it will appear in a nice drop-down, like in this screenshot.

  4. I have an address bar on my task bar that has much of the desired functionality (especially after editing my command path)
    In what ways is Launchy more usefull than the default explorer address bar?

  5. Nice software, I like it.

    Anyway sometimes we don't remember the correct name of the application. And the only fast way to run it - use Start menu. BTW, I use pretty cute Start menu replacement - Vista Start Menu (address sounds like - check it by yourself).

  6. Vista Start Menu is a rip-off. The support is very poor and you pay almost the full price for any upgrades after just 3 months. The new version as released while the last version still has many unfixed bugs. Beware of any promises the author makes as he does not keep his word.


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