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May 18, 2006

Criminal Activities On Orkut

Bloombers reports that Google may face a criminal probe for distribution of child pornography and racist materials by its users through Orkut, the most used social network in Brazil.

The lawyers say that Google failed to comply with a court order to turn over information on where the material comes from. They will try to authorize a police investigation of the Google's Brazilian unit.

"Orkut has become a paradise for pedophiles, who solicit sex with childen and distribute pornographic material", prosecutor Karen Kahn said at a news conference in Sao Paulo.

The attorneys prepare a civil lawsuit against Google's Brazilian unit to demand the company follow the country's Internet laws and pay a daily fine for failing to obey the court order.

Meanwhile, you can find a lot of pornography and extremism on Orkut. And a lot of kids also: more than 1000 kids between 12 and 16 years old.

Child pornography is an issue of great concern to the Brazil Government and Brazil has legislations against it such as the Child and Teenager Statute (Law No 8.069, on 13 th of July 1990), in which its article 241 says: "Take photographs or publish explicit sex scenes or pornographic images involving children or adolescents: – Punishment: 1 to 4 years of reclusion."

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  1. Unfortunately Orkut doesn't have the staff to constantly surf the Orkut universe and delete every single community as soon as they pop up.

    From what I understand about Google (and I could be completely wrong here) is that those who build it, must maintain it. It means you get quality customer service, if you get through the massive amounts of mail, etc.

    Sigh...I hope Google does cooperate with the Brazilian authorities on this one...for all of our sakes.


    Since you don't have backlinks enabled, I want to let you know that I referenced your site on Inside Orkut.

  2. owners of adult communities should be considered criminals nd they with their communities should be deleted

    report abuse is a good option but limit is a bit long

    so delete these communities


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