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May 4, 2006

Google Health To Launch Next Week

Marissa Mayer told USA TODAY that Google will make some important announcements next Wednesday at the annual Google Press Day.

Although she didn't want to say what new things Google will launch next week, she hinted at some interesting to come this year:

* "Health is an interesting [subject] -- keep your eye out for that next week."

* Later this year, Google will integrate video into Google News.

* "The presentation of search results is going to change a lot in the next couple of years. Video will play a big role. If you search for how to cut up a chicken or how to change a flat tire, video is the right answer."

In March we found out that that Adam Bosworth, Vice President of Engineering at Google, is working on a new Google project, known as Google Health. Google Base already has some medical features: finding clinical trials or proteins.

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