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May 26, 2006

Google News To Include Videos

Marissa Mayer said last month that "later this year, Google will integrate video into Google News". If you go to About Feeds page on Google Video, you'll see this text:

"How do I use Google Video feeds?
To access Google Video feeds, look for the Feed links on any Google News page. This link will generate a feed of up-to-date videos related to the page that you're looking at."

For the moment, Google News doesn't include this link, but it will appear soon. It will be interesting to see how many related videos can Google find on Google Videos, unless it includes videos from content providers like CNN or BBC.

Meanwhile, you can add "&output=rss" to the address of a search results page to obtain a RSS feed.

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  1. Does anyone think they'll eventually get around to allowing Blogger to support video posts?


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