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May 15, 2006

Windows Media Player 11

Nothing new from Windows Media Player 11. The glass design doesn't look good, it's black, it has too many button scattered all around the place. It has an inline search feature that works well for large media libraries, it doesn't lists artists and songs in trees - the new media player uses a similar approach to Windows Explorer.

But there are people that say Windows Media Player 11 has many new features. Let's see:

"Some of the unique features of Media Player 11 are a deeply integrated music library for both online and offline content, a new and improved interface, the ability to connect to additional hardware easily, and integrated, easy-to-use tools for following the process of any task (downloading music, burning CDs, synching music, or streaming video, just to name a few). Media Player 11 has a new integrated feel, too — one that makes online, network, and offline content indistinguishable. Many of the improvements are due to the redesigned interface, which includes simplified trees, helpful shortcuts on the menus and menu bars, and an advanced and improved media library. There are now Back and Forward buttons, giving Media Player a web-browser feel; a lightning-fast WordWheel search tool for getting through the library; and Xbox 360 support."

You can download WMP 11 from Softpedia (Windows 2000/ XP - download size: 22MB).


  1. Not interesting...until Vista era. The theme doesn't fit XP at all.

  2. this looks so "I wanna be a mac"...

    when they'll learn? tsc tsc

  3. well at least this is better than itunes

  4. how does this look like "I wanna be a mac"?

    It has no brushed aluminium, the controls at at the bottom and completely different, the search is completely different, the overall layout is completely different, and its a logical progression from the current WMP 10 UI.

    This is almost as far from a mac interface as possible. Typical MS bashing.

  5. I think what douglas meant was the jelly like buttons reminds us of Mac. nothing to do with functioning

  6. You know, this says that it funtions with windows 2000/xp. ok, xp, i can understand. but 2000?I'm being lied 2. because, i tried iTunes, Quicktime, and both of them said they can funtion with w2000. i hav a 2000 laptop. I'm using it now. and i tried both and, whatdoyaknow?
    IT DOESN'T WORK! Ima try this. But 2 me, this is bu''$#!+.


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