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May 19, 2006

Google Reader Mobile

How do you read news feeds on your mobile phone? If you use Bloglines to manage your favorite feeds, you'll go to Bloglines Mobile. If you use Google Reader, you'll definitely try Google Reader Mobile. There are two ways you can reach Google Reader Mobile:

1. Go to on your mobile phone.

2. From your computer: add Google Reader gadget to your personalized homepage.

From your mobile phone: visit, select the 'Personalized Home' link, then sign in with your username and password.

You can restrict Google Reader to a feed, to a label or you can view the latest feeds. If you click on a post (or type the corresponding digit), you'll read the text from the feed. Any link from the feed will be treated the same as Google Mobile Search does: Google automatically translates (or "transcodes") these pages by analyzing the original HTML code and converting it to a mobile-ready format.

So now you can read this blog on your mobile phone, you just have to


  1. Google Reader team, when are you coming up with a Google Reader mobile application similar to the gmail application, this would so superb, I'm running a Nokia E71 and when you come to think about there are not good RSS reader and having one installed in my phone would be great, shame on Nokia but you guys already have the platform, there is an application called Newsearch which works wonder but the online portion sucks big time, you guys should buy that company take their product and revamp it and call it Google Reader Mobile, that would be great. Anyway just a though, maybe someone will read it and roll with it

  2. Ya, this industry being driven by customers as said should promptly act to advices of proactive customers like Nokia Gtd. I'm a google fan and Nokia N70i user. I'm having trouble to suck facilities of Google Reader as I don't have an approriate RSS Aggregator to do so. And the google developer team if knows, users hesitate to migrate and live long with the first service they are served with, should be first one to serve the facility before others. Hey, show your energy and keep up with the customers trend.

    Rajan Pandey,
    Kantipur Engineering College,

  3. There is no "personalized home" link when viewing Google via a mobile phone. This post is obsolete.

  4. @Anonymous:
    The personalized homepage is now named iGoogle.

  5. @alex: and on that iGoogle page, on the "add stuff" list, only a list called "popular" shows up for things to add. There is absolutely no mention of Google Reader, just a long list of annoying things I wouldn't ever use like "Betty Crocker Recipe of the Day," "Joke of the Day," and other completely useless garbage.

    If there is some place else I should be looking, please let me know.


  6. @Anonymous:
    I can tell you for sure that the Reader gadget was compatible with the mobile iGoogle page. For some reason, you can no longer add it. Visit Google Reader's mobile page at to read the most recent posts from your subscriptions.

  7. If you don't believe me, the screenshot from this post shows Google Reader's gadget in the mobile iGoogle.

  8. @alex: it's not that I don't believe you, it's just that the "popular" list is the only thing listed when you click on "Add stuff" from the mobile iGoogle page, and there is clearly no RSS Reader listed there.

    Maybe the "optimized" iGoogle page (though it states it's optimized for the iPhone, not WinMo devices) mentioned at the link you include above (NOT mentioned on this page) will allow for more "Add stuff" items. ...just tried to visit the supposedly optimized page ( and was automatically redirected to the lame mobile version of iGoogle (

    Ideally I'd like to just see my "regular" iGoogle page, but Google forces my mobile device (Omnia i910) to view a mobile (waaaay scaled down) version.

    Thanks for your comments.

  9. The iPhone-optimized iGoogle page is another thing that's no longer available.

    Google uses your browser's user-agent to decide if it's a good idea to redirect you to the mobile site. If you use Opera Mobile, this page explains how to spoof the user agent and pretend that you're using Firefox or IE. You can find similar guides for other mobile browsers.

  10. Right on. Opera Mobile is what I'm using, so I'll try that link.

    Thanks again.

  11. Google reader mobile also works great on your desktop! Instead of seeing all feeds in one long list, or by subscription, they are presented 10 at a time. It makes my feed reading a lot quicker.

  12. does anyone know how to open an audio pod cast on the reader's mobile page?


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