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May 5, 2006

Google Has Word Categories

Watch Google blog discovered a new Google feature: word categories.

If you search for [type fruit], you'll get an interesting entry at the top of the results, that says:
Fruit — Type: Term

If you search for [type:shakespeare], you'll get:
William Shakespeare — Type: Person.

Not every word has an associated type, so that is probably the reason why Google didn't launch this feature oficially.

It would be nice to find out that Google has created a hierarchy of words and expressions similar to Wordnet's synsets and indexes web pages not just for words, but for their meaning. So maybe in the future, we could search for [apple type:fruit] and get only results about fruits, not about Apple Computers.


  1. Incorrect (as of March 2009): there is no "Google" feature activated in this way, at this time. The above article appears to refer to simple search results.
    * To include synonyms in your search: type "~fast food".
    * For definitions: type "define Shakespeare".


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