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May 14, 2006

Add Gadgets To Google Pages

You can add modules/gadgets (like those on your personalized Google homepage) to a page in Google Pages.

1. Go to Site settings and enable experimental features. (Accept the "not for the faint of heart" feature.)

2. Go to a page, click on a editable area and click on "more" (the new button from the left toolbar).

3. You'll see a dialog that lets you add a gadget. You can view latest news, local weather or play PacMan right from your page.

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  1. LOVE Those Gadgets - Great Idea

    The only concern with Google Pages is - why not allow people to get their OWN domain names for their Google Pages

  2. any idea's on how to add a comments field on the google pages?
    really batteling here

  3. Ran across this by chance.. my 2 cents on your own domain name for google pages: Domains are only $5 a year with some places now. Buy it and redirect it to your google page!

  4. for the comment form, i don't think google has that option. you need to go to another website for the code. i have mine in, it's really simple and it's free.


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