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May 30, 2006

AdSense API To Be Launched

", a leading social network and review community, announces that it has leveraged the just released Google AdSense API to enable revenue sharing for its contributing members."

But wait a minute... what AdSense API? Let's read more.

"Pioneering online community and social network today announced that it had integrated Google AdSense into its service via an API in order to share advertising inventory with RateItAll members.

By leveraging the Google AdSense API, RateItAll has enabled its members to create Google AdSense accounts, earn cash for their content contributions, and track their earnings without ever leaving the Web site."

So that means the yet-unlaunched AdSense API will let community sites integrate AdSense ads for its members.

"Several months ago I approached Google about our vision of transforming RateItAll into a marketplace for content in which ad inventory was shared by all contributors," said RateItAll President Lawrence Coburn. "Not only did Google thoroughly grasp what we were trying to, they had already begun development on the API that would help make this vision a reality."

"We're going to allow every RateItAll member to submit their own AdSense account number to their RateItAll registration information. Once an AdSense account number is associated with a RateItAll reviewer account, that RateItAll reviewer will immediately begin sharing advertising revenue on qualifying pages." says RateItAll. In most cases, members will earn 50% of the advertising revenue.

AdSense API blog is listed on Eric Case's profile, among many other Google blogs.

{ Via Eric Giguere. }


  1. I think I just saw click fraud increase.

  2. I think I am the first one who found out this...


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