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May 6, 2006

Google Semantic Web (Google Reads Your Mind)

Google is about to make a new revolution. After seeing that Google has word categories, a new feature shows that Google works on a new approach to search: a semantic web without a special markup language. The new feature allows users to refine the search by choosing directions to follow. If you search for [tired], you may want to find medical treatments, or alternative medicine suggestions, research papers or news.

If you click on [Treatment], Google will follow this link:

Google uses a new operator, more, that has special arguments (in this case, condition_treatment). cx is a new parameter that provides the context.

You can view the live Google search here and more comments at Nico's Blog, that thinks this is search results clustering. I think it's not just clustering, it's understanding user's intentions and providing a better experience.


  1. that is google health

  2. Microsoft, Google and others are experimenting with results grouping. There's a link in my article under the "Super Google Search Page" to Microsoft's version of a similar feature.


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