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May 21, 2006

Googler's List

Haochi from Googlified has created a list of more than 200 Googlers, with websites for some of them.

Wikipedia has a list of at least 40 Google employees with biographical details.

An easy to digest list of the latest posts from Googler's blogs can be found at Google Blogoscoped.

On one of the best posts you can read there is written by Matt Cutts and gives a couple of corporate rules of thumb like this one:
"It can be difficult to keep a secret on the web. If you are working on some innovative, amazing product that no one has ever seen before, strip your referrers. Also, sanitize any PowerPoint you make available. You probably shouldn’t change how you handle new subdomains or urls either. Remember, if a url is supposed to be private but anyone can access it on the web by visiting the url, someone will stumble across the url; use an .htaccess file to provide password protection on Apache servers. Because if people are interested enough, they will dig through your source code, monitor your robots.txt, and study which domains you buy, even if you buy them through another company. Plan according to how much scrutiny you expect."

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