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May 9, 2006

Google Doesn't Buy Olive After All

Remember the rumour about Google buying Olive Software? It seems they decided not to buy this company after all. But the story is extremely interesting:
Google sent out a team of 15 people to Olive's Israeli offices (much of the company is over there) for over a week (staying at an expensive hotel), and interviewed each Olive person several times both in person and by phone interviews.

It all seemed like a 'go,' but then the Google team suddenly decided the product didn't have everything they wanted.
Did Google just want to know more about Olive Software's technology? Or maybe they just wanted to hire some of the team members to create a similar product?

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  1. I'm sorry. Is this article about Microsoft purchasing Olive, or Google? Cause Microsoft used to interview companies, their employees, see view confidential documents, then suddenly back away. All the sudden, a few months later, they magically had a new product that had almost ALL the features from that company they were looking to acquire. (I'm sure they still do it now too).

    Is Google ("Do No Evil") learning a few tricks from the Microsoft playbook??


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