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December 11, 2006

GOM Player

[ Windows 2000/XP, 3.94MB, freeware ]
The moment I opened GOM Player, I realized that's how a media player should look. Ok, maybe the colors and icons aren't great, but nobody's perfect and you can always change the skin.

GOM Player, the most popular media player in South Korea, is free, has a simple interface and includes many advanced features. The player includes many codecs (DivX, XviD, MP4, AC3), so you don't have to download them. It's also possible to watch incomplete AVI files or play media files while you download them.

There are options that improve the quality of videos (the player is optimized for TV OUT), boost sound.

It's not better than VLC or MPlayer, which are open source and cross-platform, but it's easier to use.


  1. I use KMPLAYER much better than vlc, gom, and its the most popular in Korea, with 10 EQ and 3D, crystality, trebel, bass, reverb....and more, it sounds much better that winamp with dfx, No resources, it has everithing for free, happy since 2 days ago i discovered.
    Plays any format, and the file associations and icons are cool.
    It supports winamp plugins(i dont need them).

  2. CrystalPlayer does the trick as well!

  3. After trying out GOM I have decided to use it as my main player. Love the features and the great load times. It is a very smooth player and I am glad to have found it. Supports all formats flawlessly.

  4. I find Quintissential(sp?) Player to be pretty good - lightweight, skinnable, and without the cruft of the biggie in the market, Winamp.

    Then again, I've recently been using WiMP 11 a lot... it's actually pretty decent!

  5. This program is really great worth trying

  6. This program is really good. Please try it!

  7. You should try Media Player Classic.

    It's open source and very easy to use.

  8. you are right gom is a good player but that footprint icon is hideous&monstrous needs to bring it into 21st century!!!

  9. you are right good player even great but footprint icon is horrible needs to be changed to this century!

  10. I like the footprint and especialy footprints diffrent collors associated with diffrent types of files , and the fact that format of the file is written on footprint, in fact this is the reason for instaling gom player :), and I like the 5.1 sound too,but I hate that goom is slowly,like audio plaYER


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