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December 30, 2006

2006 Metrics

In case anyone is interested, here are some stats from Google Analytics for this blog:

Unique visitors: 1,345,000
Pageviews: 3,400,000

Top referrals:
google [search results]: 27.31% 16.17%
google [referral]: 14.62%
direct: 12.49% 2.14%

Top countries:
US: 46.62%
UK: 7.27%
Canada: 5.90%
India: 3.13%
Australia: 2.57%

Top browsers:
Firefox: 57.89%
IE: 32.67%
Opera: 4.01%
Safari: 3.29%
Mozilla: 1.09%

Top platforms:
Windows: 87.21%
Mac: 7.36%
Linux: 5.08%

Regarding the feed, here's a chart that shows the number of subscribers, courtesy of Feedburner:

Top feed readers*:
Firefox Live Bookmarks
NewsGator Online
Google Desktop

*The list doesn't include Google IG/Reader, My Yahoo, Windows Live.

Most of these numbers are meaningless, but they may show you some behind-the-scene details. Thank you for a great year.


  1. It would be interesting to see your AdSense statistics :)

  2. AdSense statistics. OK, what exactly do you want to know?

  3. how many unique visits from Brazil do you have ?

  4. I don't know how to find the answer for your question in Analytics, but the total number of visits from Brazil is 31,201 (number 9, after US, UK, Canada, India, Australia, Spain, Germany, France).

  5. Nice stats! Keep up the good work for next year. But Norway isn't showing on the stats - and I have visited you at least one time... :)

  6. You might find out that a lot of the[referral] are actually from Google Reader. I am sure there's a blog entry and/or a help question to answer it from the Analytics team.

    To know exactly which URL you are getting your referrals, click on the arrows that show up to the left of the Source [Medium], indicate "Cross Segment Performance", then "Content" to see which exact URL your referrals are coming from.

  7. What a nice coincidence. The Official Google Blog shows some stats:

    7.6 million unique visitors
    15 million pageviews

    Top countries: U.S. and UK, India, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Netherlands.

    Top referrals: Google, Digg, Slashdot.

  8. Its clear that FireFox is taking the lead and Windows still is the #1 OS. Linux still has a long way to go for desktop users.

    Most of the users of this blog would be developers, webmasters or SEO guys. And inspite of that the Linux users is 5.09% !

    How much do you make per month from adsense from this blog alone ?

  9. I'm surprised Google Reader isn't on the list. Do you mean it was totally off the charts, or was it simply not a countable option?

    If the latter, I'm frustrated that Google hasn't embraced Google Reader. It wasn't available in Firefox to subscribe to feeds from its interface, and now it isn't in Google Analytics? Shameful.

  10. To Mysterius:

    I'm surprised Google Reader isn't on the list. What list? If you talk about the feed, Google doesn't disclose the number of subscribers, so both /ig and Reader are not counted in Feedburner.

    Google Reader is available as a subscription option in Firefox 2. It sends you to the page that has two options: Personalized homepage and Google Reader.

    The stats for the site are from Analytics (and [referral] includes /ig, Reader), while the stats for the feed are from Feedburner.

  11. That's awesome to see Firefox users almost doubling the ie users. Most of the other reports from main news sources talk about how Firefox has finally hit 15% or some other low number.

  12. How much do you make per month from adsense from this blog alone ?

    Less than the current federal minimum wage in the US.

  13. Alex,

    India: 3.13%, it's me.


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