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December 26, 2006

Google's Kangaroo Doodle

These holidays, Google showed us that kangaroos have a lot in common with humans. Google's glow can be a part of daily life and it can be a great gift. For those who appreciate it.

You can find the Christmas Kangaroo [not-safe-for-work video], who brings gifts for all the boys and girls in Australia, the Olympic Summer Game Kangaroo, that masters too many sports to count, or the famous Skippy.

The Australian Animal Zodiac says that the keywords for Kangaroo are: "Abundance, Family, Never-ending, Fire, Universal Love and Universal Law. (...) Kangaroo has a natural nurturing tendency supporting and fostering and encouraging its young. Kangaroo has a strong sense of family togetherness. (...) The crystal of Kangaroo is Diamond and it reminds you of the purity of the Diamond. Diamond being the symbol of pure love and commitment to Mother Earth and Mankind."

Note: sorry for feeding the kangaroo.

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