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December 17, 2006

Google Phone?

The Observer reports that Google is in talks with Orange "about a multi-billion-dollar partnership to create a 'Google phone' which makes it easy to search the web wherever you are".

A Google-branded phone could include a browser that uses Google's transcoder to optimize web pages for the phone, easy to access Google search, maps, Gmail, Blogger and maybe more.

"The device would not be revolutionary: manufactured by HTC, a Taiwanese firm specializing in smart phones and Personal Data Assistants (PDAs), it might have a screen similar to a video iPod."

Last month, Eric Schmidt said: "Your mobile phone should be free. It just makes sense that subsidies should increase"

While a Google Phone is just a rumor for the moment, you can't deny it's an interesting idea.

Update: Many rumors floated since this article was posted. Here's a list of the most trustworthy rumors about the Google Phone.

Update 2: Google Phone turned out to be a mobile platform - Android.


  1. Im interested in knowing what OS would it use - Symbian OS ? Or Google coming up with its own ?

  2. Whats next? Google toilet paper?
    "We have found that people spend lots of time offline. A good percentage of this time is spent in the toilet. So we decided that we will combine google news and google reader, and provide customized weekly printed toilet paper (with contextual printed ads of course)."

    Why do I get the feeling google is stretching itself too thin. If they really want to attack an area, set top boxes would be a much better target IMHO. And even that should be done via partnerships rather than build it yourself. Its not like customizing the hardware for google (either for the phone or anything else) gives them a huge competitive advantage...

  3. Well, it's just a rumor currently, and I would regard it as a pretty unlikely one, too. Also, even if Google did do this, they're not really building the phone themselves; just supplying mobile software for it, as they've done before for other phones.

  4. I think - as stated here - that especially these mobile apps as we see it already in the mobile gmail app are the right way to go. :-)


    Hope it has Wi-Fi....

  6. I'd love to see a google phone on the market. If for no other reason than the gPhone would help provide some competition for the iPhone and hopefully drive down prices. Who's got the best touch screen infophone for the lowest price? Let the price war begin!

  7. goooooogle phone !!! for google one of the good way to enter into the mobile market to. It seems like microsoft can see its common competitor in this market to. Google has so many good applications, which can help him to push himself ahead in the mobile market. Anyway, it’s very tough competition for google.

  8. i so want the google earth on a gps system. i would buy this phone in a ny second....

  9. a great way for people without pc's to go on the web and click google ads! maybe even free web calls and free internet once you get these phones

  10. This is clearly the future.

    It's funny how things go full circle.

    Remember the days you went to the store and bought a TV, got home, plug it in and watched TV... for free not cable or satellite fees...

    Full circle. It's the way it should be

  11. Hi.
    Happy to note google phone comes to india shortly.

    this will really make a trend setting.

    we love google and its products.

    Wish you all success.



  12. Hello

    When are you introducing Google phone to India? we all users of Nokia mobiles will use google phone after the introduction of Google Phone in India with all advanced features if at a Economical price.

    go Ahed

  13. Lets hope it competes with the Iphone or what ever there going to call the overprice phone. GOOGLE make it affordable or even free and people will use it. Also try nextel instead of AT&T everyone is tired of them.

  14. Google Phone & Google OS is only the APRIL FOOL as Google follow it from many years

  15. Interesting that the original author of Symbian OS, Colly Myers, has just come out with his own phone - the aFone - see - retails at £1 due to being heavily subsidized by the Govt and telcos!!

  16. well considering it to be from google the rumours can really turn real..there are even some images already on net claiming to be the first screenshots of the google phone...

  17. I am unclear of all the excitement, given that my Blackberry 8700C seems to do all this and more already. Now if I could get Google Maps on my Magellan auto GPS, this would be a big deal. I would not have to wait 18 months or pay $100 for updates in the US, and roadmaps would be available anywhere in the world where there were Google maps.

  18. well if this not a rumour then google is up for something which we all might not have thought of,

    a customize version of google earth and there OS would result in something where the would be easily tracked up by google irrespective if the connection vendor ,
    a boon or bane can't decide now but a serious threat to everybody from a phone vendor to a phone booth owner !!!

  19. if the matter is true than a customie version of google earth and the phone OS could be used by the google server to search the person, a boon or bane dont know

  20. Think the next thing would be Google TV, Google Cars, how about google homes.

    Put me on the list for a google phone.


  21. What's next?
    Google killing machine?
    What are we looking for? New technology..faster life...what's after all.

    Life should be very simple..
    Why are we going around all these things?

    Be cool and try to find out the meaning of your life..

  22. Im interested to see that Google going start there own os (operation system) that would start a Microsoft, mac n Google war anyways google phone sounds like a good idea so far to competitor with iphone

  23. i think it is a good idea but if you want to shock ppl make it free

  24. Well, I'm waiting for it. If it is true it would be cool to have gmail, reader or docs&spreadsheets always in my gPhone.

  25. I wonder how great it would be if the ggphone had GPS...

  26. Wow, this is great if it's true. I hope that the Google phone will be ready for Singapore soon. Just wondering how the subscription will be like or will it be free to access. Does it come with WiFi? I hope it's affordable to me

  27. Well Well as the news now seems to be confirmed about the new GPhone .. !! That probably has to be launched in 2008..
    But I'm concerned bout its Cost as it has so many features as well as the looks of it.. marvellous ..!!! Cheers, Kuntal 'Kittu' Thursday, September 6, 2007 11:43:00 PM PDT
    Kuntal Shukla said...
    well like the thing and the conept as I was saying i'm actually bothered about the price i think may b higher than the other normal phones and i May not b having it till next 3-4 yrs :(

    isn't it bad?? Well I actually h've been waiting for the Google OS ( Operating System) and i'm sure they will go for it in coming years,,, as i feel like ... ;-)
    Lookin Forward to Use these Great Google Gadgets soon........ Cheers guys ~ Kuntal ' Kittu ' Friday, September 7, 2007 12:00:00 AM PDT

  28. I am with google in whatever it does. But I doubt they are launching a phone.


  29. good!!!nice always think
    things to be better, i think..too curious to see which would be the OS, and if there is a chance of GOOGLE OS..It is not a big matter to implement a new OS for Google, i think!!!

  30. Well,Iam very Qurious to see gPhone!
    Shall we have a virtual gPhone demo?

  31. Well i'm w8ing to see a new role of google in mobility sector....
    My heartiest wishes are with google,,,,,,
    I'll love to use new google phone,,,,,

  32. hi guys I'm still waitin for any demo or so and the price tag if declared..??

    Any Updates????????????????????

    cheers everyone.. :))
    Kuntal Shukla 'kittu'

  33. I think we have one within a year.

  34. it is the base for Google Adsense on cellphones.

    Read the latest german news at

  35. As for the timeframe on this thing, we keep hearing Google will announce its mobile plans some time post-Labor Day; from what we've heard Google isn't necessarily working on hardware of its own, but is definitely working with OEMs and ODMs to get them to put the Gphone OS on upcoming devices. Think of it more in terms of Windows Mobile or Palm OS (in the early days) -- Google wants to supply the platform, but we don't think they want to sell hardware. Still, don't entirely rule out the idea. Andy Rubin knows how to make a device and put it in peoples' hands, so nothing is impossible on the hardware side. Either way, we're totally stoked to peep the software, we've been waiting for the Googlephone for years on years.

    As I know Google’s GPhone is actually an open source software phone operating system, rather than a specific hardware device like the iPhone. Phoronix has reported that Google is "looking to team up with OpenMoko" for the gPhone. OpenMoko is a project to create a smartphone platform using free software, including the Linux kernel.

    It might be the base for Google Adsense

    For detail click here

  36. I would say. Google phone should be the open source technology. I think nothing is impossible for google @ this time. The new world of creative idea will give complete new experience to the end users of phone industry. Getting in to the cellphone parket is not really impossible for google since they already have all the applications free to use for customers. Ads would be a very big source of income for google even through Gphone.

  37. Hey guys I'm here with great news..

    Google ties up with to prepare its GPhone (Google Phone)

    Well i don't have got official news.,, so this may be a Rumor as well

    U knw wht ... The Project code is given as "Android". Google had acquired the mobile software company called ‘Android’ led by Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Danger in 2005.

    Another news says.. "Google has come up with an alliance names as "Open Handset Alliance" a tie up with some big names in the industry, to name a few.. Verizon, China E28, Qualcomm, Broadcom, HTC, Intel, Samsung, Motorola, Sprint, and Texas Instruments.. etc. well E28 has already denied the rumor saying that they, as of yet, don't have any such tie up.

    Another news.. "According to a Wall Street analyst Google Inc. is building software that can run services on cell phones rather than building its own cell phone."

    I think now Google should break its Silence, and tell the world the real news.

    Waiting to hear soon from, Google, themselves,

    Kuntal Shukla

  38. I would like to see a vidio application for google talk and a google web browser....Merry Christmas to all....Jim

  39. google can kill the cell phone industry in som ways with google phone

  40. It's amazing that google is also entering its step in Mobile Phone Manufacturing, if it happens, it will give a great shock to all mobile manufacturer as google always leads the latest technology. It will draw a special attention of mobile phone users.

  41. any updates guys???

  42. Well guys the wait is over,, its about to be launched within a few months, The handsetn would be from HTC, and the OS 'Adroid ' As i broke the new earlier.. !!

  43. NOKIA is name for battery backup. Goolge has to take care about battery backup. This news is really shock for other companies who is providing touch phones in highest prices.

  44. I am also looking for that phone yaar.

  45. Google phone just looks good. It is way behind the iphone.

  46. Awesome that a Google-branded phone could include a browser that uses Google's transcoder to optimize web pages for the phone, easy to access Google search, maps, Gmail, Blogger and maybe more. Great information!


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