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December 11, 2006

Google Base Has a New Interface

Google doesn't like to do small things. When I saw the new interface for searching Google Base, it seemed to be the perfect answer for a Computer World story that said: "Google to boost product search in time for holiday season".

Google Base Blog announces today that the new interface is available for any kinds of data. You can check for yourself by going to Google Base and clicking on any category from the page. If you use the search box, you'll see the old interface - this feels weird.

There are two new views: a grid view useful to show images and a map view, that integrates Google Maps. Google used Ajax and took a lot from Window Live's image search. Now you can also rate items and post comments.

Most people don't go to Google Base to search, they search from and see Google Base OneBoxes like this one. But Google didn't update the interface for these.

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