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December 20, 2006

Your Top Google Searches in 2006

Every important search engine showed its (slightly adjusted) top of popular search queries. If you use Google Personalized Search, Google saves all your queries and the search results you've clicked. So you can have your own top if you go to this page.

You'll also get a top of the most visited sites and pages from the search results.

Of course, the top will be accurate if you searched Google while being mostly logged in (for example, you use Gmail).

In case you're wondering, the top from the screenshot is for illustration purposes only (although my top query in 2006 was... "google").


  1. So is mine, Google is the top query of the year, for me, second comes to my name - haochi. :D

  2. 1 - Google
    2 - google
    3 - TOMHTML

  3. So they search Google with Google?


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