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December 2, 2006

Google Reader Notifier

So you use Google Reader and Firefox, but you don't want to visit from time to time to see what's new. Google Reader Notifier is a Firefox extension, developed by Mark D.B.D, that shows you how many new posts are in Google Reader. You can also see the number of unread items for each label and get alerts if there's something new. Of course, those numbers aren't very helpful because +100 can be anything from 101 to a googol or more.

For Mac users, there's an even better solution: a software called the same, that has sound alerts, shows the titles for the latest posts and sits nicely in the the menubar next to Google Notifier.


  1. Is there possible to use Microsummaries?

  2. Microsummaries to see the number of unread posts? No.

  3. I did something different... I created an special label/folder, to aggregate just 'specials' feeds, then made the page for this label public, and subscribed to this page feed as a FF Live Bookmark and put it in my Bookmark Toolbar. Nice solution, at least to me ;)

  4. Yeah, I was thinking about Microsummaries some time ago. It would be cool if Google would use them on some of its pages (reader, gmail, ...)

  5. I don't find this technology that great. Gmail, Google Reader, Google Finance show useful information in the title: number of new messages, new posts or the stock value. So if you have Gmail's tab permanently open, for example, you can see that. But Gmail's feed can show you that and even more than that. So feeds are more powerful than microsummaries and browsers like Firefox could take advantage of existing technologies instead of trying to promote something new.


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