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December 7, 2006

Google is Responsible for All the Bad Things

Under the genuine mask of "Do no evil", the Mountain View-based company, hides some of the most horrible secrets. Robert David Steele, an ex-CIA agent, unveiled that Google was helped by CIA "when it was poor and it was starting up". Google is also known for "the deliberate stifling and manipulation of Alex Jones' Terror Storm film ranking on Google Video. Google was also caught red-handed attempting to bury the Charlie Sheen 9/11 story at the height of its notoriety."

In an interesting twist, Search Engine Journal, another reputable source of information, quotes Webmaster Radio's Jim Hedger who discovered that Google funds Hezbollah and Al Qaeda terrorist groups. The information was shocking: "Google is serving Adwords and Adsense advertisements on Google properties within Orkut which are managed by terrorist cells and sympathizers." But that's not all: "Google is serving advertising on the sites of Google AdSense members who are connected with Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups which are benefiting from revenue which is originated by Google advertisers."

So a CIA-sponsored company helps terrorism. This is completely outrageous. I can't write about a such a company anymore. In fact, I'm logging off from Google for the last time.

Update: Read this funny-but-also-insightful post written by Matt Cutts.


  1. So, should I remove your RSS feed from my reader? Er, are you even going to get this comment and be able to respond to it, seeing as how Blogger is owned by Google and you're not logging into Google?

  2. Where is your sense of humor? Where is your common sense?

  3. I heard it from a friend who's brother knows a guy who read on a web page out of Sri Lanka that Sergey Brin blocked a link to the store of secret government information on the Kennedy Assassination. He only did it because he's a Free Mason who was approached by the Vatican and Fidel Castro. Remember, you didn't hear any of this from me....

  4. who cares if they make money through that stuff. I'm sure Yahoo and MSN do or would do it too. Google just needs to compete. Plus, Google does more good than bad, don't look at one instance, look at the big picture.
    Google won't get a laugh each time a plane flies into a building. Although, it would bring more people online to search for news, and people might go to and increase traffic and click on ads on news sites.
    PS. did you honestly think a company with billions of dollars truly does no evil? Who cares. I'd rather have Google than an extreme Yahoo censorship in China.

  5. I would've thought that you would know by now, that you can't be sarcastic online without using the "/sarcasm" tag. NOBODY can pick up on it.

    I read your last sentence, "In fact, I'm logging off from Google for the last time." and I was like, "WHAT?! NO WAY!!!"

    The only way I could tell you were sarcastic was by your response to Tony and Suryavanshi's comments.

    You scared the crap outta me. :-)

  6. Note to Ionut: Sarcasm is as effective on internet as a herring is for making love.

  7. ...Am I the only one who picked up the sarcasm before I was finished reading?

  8. So a CIA-sponsored company helps terrorism. This is completely outrageous. I can't write about a such a company anymore. In fact, I'm logging off from Google for the last time.

    Since you are signing off for good, can I have your blog? ;)

    Oh yeah...did you hear that Yahoo! funds the North Korean government? Sad but true...

  9. I did a search in Google Maps and Google Earth for "the other gunman on the hill". Google claimed that they didn't understand the query... they're part of the conspiracy!

    Oh damn-- a black van just pulled up outside. I've got to leave, fast.

  10. I'm puzzled on how readers could possible *not* pick up on the sarcasm in that post.

    I liked it; don't let this discourage you from making funny posts like this in the future, Ionut!

  11. haha, i saw the humour in it, some people take things too seriously on the internets though.
    Although i'm a day late so i could well be lying, you'll never know.
    *tape explodes* o_O

    Seriously though, as the 2nd Anonymous said, Google do way more good than bad, no matter how good you are, you will do bad, even if it is unintentional.
    The Google News and Terrorism scenario is probably the best to go with here.
    I could name even more severe things, but i won't in fear of people thinking i'm messed up. (they still stand true though)

  12. The giveaway was "I'm logging OFF from Google for the last time." Logically, that would mean that you are remaining logged ON to Google from now on. Or at least that's the way it looks to me.

  13. To the last Anonymous: you analyze things too much. If there was something that should have drawn your attention, the title was in pole position.

  14. "who discovered that Google founds Hezbollah and Al Qaeda terrorist groups."
    It should be "funds"

  15. it doesnt even matter! its a fucking ad that anyone, anywhere can sign up for with a paypal account! its just a way of making money, and the CIA didnt funt hezbollah or al qaeda. the money comes not from googles pocket, but from the co. that it is affiliated with. jesus.

  16. i used google to get here.
    google is my friend
    (that means im happy)

  17. Google can use the google adds, but they dont pay too easy, if they can't know really who u are, they dont pay you, so they put their adds everywhere, but dont pay them all..........;-)
    Dont worry, be happy.

  18. I think Google rocks my socks. I love google. All you people who think Google sucks is wrong!!!! oooooohhhhh yyyyyaaaaaa

  19. I think Google rocks my socks off it is awesome and people who think google sucks is wrong

  20. do what you want cause a pirate is free - you are a pirate


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